Meetings 2023/2024

Next meeting: 13 June 2024, at 15:00

Meeting 09 Nov 2023

We grabbed the chance of celebrating International Week of Science and Peace, 9-15 November by United Nations (UN) and talked about intriguing topics: one related to human body & the other one to the possibility of peaceful coexistence on Earth.

How to live longer, according to science – BBC News

Is Peace on Earth Possible? | The Story of Us

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Meeting 23 Nov 2023

Appearance vs. personality! This and other things related to people’s looks vs. character were discussed today.

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Meeting 07 Dec 2023

Santa Claus & Christmas time. The most festive time of the year is drawing near! Today we talked about Santa Clause in the film – so far there have been many movies produced with the most liked and awaited gift-giver in the world. We discussed some of them and also dug into the lyrics of some of the Christmas smashing hits we can hear every year on the radio or TV, which in a way herald this special time.

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| Merry Christmas to You ALL | Merry Christmas to You ALL | Merry Christmas to You ALL |

| Merry Christmas to You ALL | Merry Christmas to You ALL | Merry Christmas to You ALL |

Meeting 04 Jan 2024

The media & fun incidents on air, the language of headlines, fake news. We talked about bloopers (=embarrassing mistakes) that can happen live in TV or radio studios. We also analysed the vocab used in newspaper headlines and tried to recognise fake news, doing a fun quiz.

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  • The funny side of the news by BBC

Meeting 01 Feb 2024

Today the topic of our meeting was inspired by the celebration of the International LEGO day, which takes place on the 28th of January. Hmmm… Why not talk about these particular colourful bricks that have been amusing generations of people of all ages for so long. On this ocassion we also touched upon creativity, flexible thining and did some nice communicative brain-teaser.

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Meeting 29 Feb 2024

 Global warming, deforestation , soil degradation, loss of biodiversity , wildfires  , drought, pollution of different kinds , fossil fuels extraction , resources exploitation, OVERpopoluation, OVERfishing, urban sprawl , fast fashion …

The list seems to have NO end … unfortunately … these seem to be only some of the biggest environmental problems we’re facing nowadays. No doubt – we NEED to do something about it! We have already started dealing with the issues but as usual there’s still a lot to be done! Today we discussed environmental problems & the environment protection and what we, as individuals, can do to support SUSTAINABILITY on our planet. We also talked about the matter globally – how it needs to be tackled on a corporate / governmental / industrial level.

What we know for sure is that we need to act TOGETHER in the name of our planet protection. This is our Home and we should treat it as one @@@  Planet Earth is the ONLY one we have @@@

TogetherForEnvironment @@@

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Materials about the environment for Younger Kids 


Meeting 14 March 2024

Teen businesspeople?!? Are there any??? Hmmm…. apparently it’s not such a rare phenomenon! Today we learned about some young entrepreneurs making lots of money, being just teenagers. We listened to their motivation, tips & attitudes.

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Meeting 25 April 2024

Social media – a supplier of bliss, a real curse or merely a practical tool of our times?!? Today we had a chance to look at the issue from different angles and we became more aware of the negative impact of our eyes being so much glued to our smartphones in pursuit of FOMO (=fear of misssing out). Are social media our ally or rather a manipulative contrivance in the hands of corporations? We wanted to find out today by listening to & watching experts, regular users and real stories.

Meeting 23 May 2024

Again we touched upon the powerful influence of corporations on our decisions in our everyday lives. This time in terms of our eating habits & food choices. We talked about „Sugar, salt, fat” – said to be the trinity blamed for increasing obesity among kids, teenagers and adults. Are superfoods the remedy?

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Meeting 13 June 2024