English Club – Learn and Have Fun in English!!!

If you’re here, it means YOU really LIKE English & YOU like to know about things around YOU! Please look at what we do in our meetings & FEEL FREE to join Us at any time you want – we meet on Wednesdays, mostly at 15:20-16:50, twice a month (or more often if needed / wished for ). Just come and VISIT the Library OR sign up HERE.

Every time we meet, we discuss a different topic – so NO need to catch UP! Every Secondary School Student is MORE than Welcome!!! So … why not learn & have FUN!!! For FREE!!!

AND last but not least, WHY not VISIT page on speakPROquo associated with our English Club where YOU can develop YOUR English skills & check some nice educational RESOURCES / MATERIALS & find OUT more about what’s ON in the whole wide WORLD.

*** The meetings are organised & conducted by Anna Kania, the employee at Public Library in Konskie.

In our library we also have a nice offer of original books in English and graded readers which you can choose according to your level of English [Hip Hip HOORAY ].

They are also offered by well-known publishing houses:

You can also find great articles on every topic in in one of the magazines. I read them myself and they are definitely student-friendly: with vocabulary LISTS, nice images, AUDIO files etc. Just have a look at the publisher’s official site. Moreover, there are also magazines for KIDS & Business English amateurs. By the way, you can find there many other publications in several languages (just CLICK on the flag to see):

NEXT meeting: Group A2/B1 – 23 Nov 2023 | Group B1+/C1 – 07 Dec 2023

All the images used here are FREE images taken from pixabay.com

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The library welcomes warmly & cordially ALL fans of the English language